Friendship Is…

I crave meaningful relationships.  I love sharing my life with others, and being a part of others’ lives.  I like asking questions and knowing about the test my friend has coming up, his up-coming birthday, or the hott date she went on last Friday.

No matter what Joe* says, inquiring about someone’s life is an important part of being a friend.  A good friend wants to know what you are up to, and cares about the things you have to say.  A good friend wants to share their latest news with you, just as much as they want to know your latest.  It’s not an interrogation; it’s this great thing called friendship.
Some people will expect your friendship, but give you nothing in return.  Some people will ask for your friendship, but not really want the love & concern that goes along with it.  Well, if you are one of those people, I don’t want you in my life.  If you are are just going to take, take, take — get the hell out.  If you are going to ask me to be your friend, but then not actually allow me to give you friendship — get the hell out.  You don’t deserve my friendship.  And the best thing is, you know you don’t deserve it, and it just totally gets your goat.
*Name changed to keep me from getting bitched at.
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