I’ve been smiling since yesterday.  A real, genuine, happy smile.  Like this: =D  

Went with a friend to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall — probably one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a while… right up there with Superbad and Knocked Up.  I think I smiled through the whole movie.  If I wasn’t laughing hysterically, or staring at the screen in shock before erupting into giggles, I was definitely smiling at all other times.  So the movie was good.  Pleasurable.  But the company was definitely good, too.  Overall, entire package — movie+dinner+friendship=genuine pleasure. =D *Smile*
I’m also finding the more I take pleasure in the simple things in life, the closer I feel to peace and balance. I don’t go to church often enough, but feel like I’m finding that relationship again. He’s holding his hand out, I just need to take hold.  And I’m not scared of it.  Just like with my other relationships, its time to just follow my heart and let whatever happens, happen.
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