San Pedro, Day 1

I made it to Belize, safe and sound yesterday.  I’m sure it’s all Thanks to the thoughts and prayers of my 5 Fabulous Mothers who worried about me all day.  And by worrying, I mean wasted company time emailing back and forth instead of getting work done.  LOL j/k! Love you guys!

The trip down was pretty smooth.  The descent into Belize City always feels like it take two years, but it’s so beautiful flying over the jungles and rivers, and small villages.  What’s even better is taking off from Belize City in Tropic Air’s little 10 passenger paper plane…. It feels like you’re on the Flintstones, running as fast as humanly possible, and then suddenly you’re flailing through the air, being blown all around with the wind.  Scary as it is, I love it.  I have some amazing pictures from the paper plane (that’s my affectionate name for those small things).
Tropic Air

Me on Tropic Air heading to the island

So let’s see… as soon as I got to San Pedro, I collected my bags and made my way to Changes in Latitudes (CIL). The 2nd best thing about yesterday was spotting the bright blue walls at CIL.  Seeing them gave me goosebumps.  After excitedly greeting the gals, we headed to lunch at Blue Water Grill (FAB 5 – we went there for lunch one day too… maybe our first day? open-air, right on the beach, next to BC’s…).  After lunch I came to the yacht club to swim, get some sun, and veg out.  They have built a new pier at the end of Cindy & Renita’s street, so I walked out on that and watched some kids play out there.  The kids here are so funny – none of them were older than 8 but were jumping off this tall pier into the deep water like they’ve been doing it since they were born — which quite honestly they probably have.
My room @ CIL

Looking back from the new pier towards CIL and the Yacht Club

Cindy & Renita had a BBQ last nite in the courtyard.  We had chicken and shrimp ka-bobs, salad, brownies, and great company.  We had about 7 countries represented:  Belize, US, Canada, UK, Australia, some African country, and Germany.  Fab 5: Brady and Shandy (sp?) came — you can’t tell she’s pregnant yet.  There was Adam from the UK, Walter from Germany, Steve from Africa, The Tacos from Canada, me (USA!!), and Kervin from Belize.  Lots of diverse people with a love for travel and enjoying the simple life.  We had an amazing time — stayed up til midnite under Cindy’s gorgeous yellow flowers.. laughing, talking, telling stories (about puppets, Gretel, and barking dogs!! HAHA).  Oh, and we DIDN’T have pantyripas… Cindy fixed Mango Margharita’s and had Belikin Beer, obviously.
The courtyard, lit up for the BBQ

So I slept in this AM, and this is the first thing I’m accomplishing for the day.  Can’t access the Internet @ CIL for some reason, but I”m able to use the Yacht Club’s wireless at the pool.  I tell ya, this is the best… sitting at the Tiki Bar, right next to the pool, surrounded by Island music and chatter… the wind blowing throw the palms and looking out at the sea, glistening like jewels.  I’m not sure what the plan is for today… probably doing a lot of nothing.  I’m going to check out an art exhibit in town — Kervin has some paintings in it.  Renita had mentioned sailing.  Adam suggested nite snorkeling later on… so sounds like it could be a very full day.  
FAB 5: there’s Brady, pulling up to the yacht club now!!!!  How lovely…  I just took a pic for you…

Here he is, ladies!!!  (on the boat to the left of Tradewind’s building on the BYC pier).

All of my pix will be on Facebook, and I’ll put the public link on here later…
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