San Pedro, Day 2

Today was amazing. I spent basically my entire day lost in my own mind… which for some of you, you’re probably thinking “how’s that any different than normal?” others of you may be wondering how I stopped talking long enough to find some peace. But I did… I literally just started walking, and let my feet lead the way. I ran into Cindy and Carol at Mango’s @ lunchtime (Island Trivia for ya: Carol’s been here 8years – owns/runs Crazy Canuck’s – and had never eaten at Mango’s!)… then checked out Kervin’s artwork @ the plaza. Some amazing stuff there, let me tell ya. I was quite impressed with the talent on the island. I want to get a few pieces but can’t afford them… after that, continued just wandering around. Stumbled upon a few affordable pieces of art that I picked up for some of you, then went to the Yacht Club to layout in the sun and eventually went for a dip in the pool.
Walking along to beach to town…
Laying out in front of BYC

All of this was accomplished by 3:00pm. I kept looking at the time thinking something had to be wrong b/c it should have certainly been later than that.. I mean, I didn’t even get up til almost 10! If I were in the states, the day would have FLOWN by. I love the slowness of island time. So after a couple hours of reading by the water, I went for another walk thru town, this time to check out the big sale at Wings. There apparently was a fire there and they are trying to get rid of all the inventory. I got some cool croc-like sandals for $10BZD ($5USD). Kept wandering after that… and eventually returned to CIL to get ready for dinner. Mind you, I was told that dinner was probably around 6 or so… I jumped in the shower @ 4:30 and was completely ready by 4:49. I LOVE island time. And my hair looks cute. Still. Even with all the wind.
Anywho, we went to a wine and cheese party for dinner. The tacos were there, Shannon (taco girl’s regular visitor from Houston), Collette, JoAnn, Carol, a guy named Phil (from Canada — drove to Mexico 6 months ago, forgot to return home, his mexican visa ran out, so now he’s moved along to San Pedro. must be nice! LOL). There were lots of yummy appetizers at the party, and lots of wine too. Many of you will be quite pleased to hear that I didn’t drink anything but water!! =) I’m going to be a good (ish) girl on this trip. As much as I humanly can be, I suppose.
So it’s about 8:55 here, and I’m really tired. I’m going to add some photos I took today, and then hit the hay. I guess I’m bitchin’ out on the nite snorkeling b/c I’m just tired from all my activities. The rest of the week/end looks pretty full, too. Tomorrow I’m volunteering to set up for the Cinco de Mayo party @ Wet Willies. We’re going to set up at 9a and then I think bands are coming in starting at 11 to play… goes til 9pm. Dunno if I’ll hang around all day. Just play it by ear. Hour-by-hour!! What else… Renita is in talks with Brady to get us a Booze Cruise on Sunday. Monday I think I’m doing the spa thing. Then I’ll be returning on Tuesday — how dreadfully sad. If only all of you were down here with me so that I didn’t have to return.
For real tho, if it weren’t for all the awesome, loving, supportive people in my life, I’d seriously be finding a job on the island. The States suck. Life down here feels so much better. Not that my life hasn’t perked up a bit in recent weeks, but it feels 100x more amazing on this little island with miles of sand and turquoise seas.
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