San Pedro, Day 3

Well, what an awesome day. Started off slow… was supposed to go volunteer @ the fundraiser for the school at 9am but didn’t make it til after 12. That’s island time for ya. When I got there, I strung taco’s (idea by Taco Girl, and I helped finish them up at the cookout on Thursday nite), then I helped Marilyn hang signs for the Kentucky Derby “Buy a Horse” thing, then I ate some BBQ chicken and cerviche, and somehow got roped into leading the Pinata event.

It was the most damn terrifying thing I’ve ever done. Ever. Started out with 4 charming children wanting to take a swing at it, but as soon as the rest of the kids saw what was going on, I had a swarm. And they all wanted a turn. And wouldn’t back the f-UP so that I could let the kids take a swing at the damn thing. Finally, the guy in charge of the pinata (raising & lowering it), just made it break so that we could get it over with. Thank goodness. These children LOVE them some candy. It was mass chaos. No children for me, thank you very much. That was traumatic. Shannon (Taco Girl’s friend from houston) got some pix of me doing the thing, so hopefully I’ll get copy to add here.
Let’s see… after that… took a break from all the festivities to veg out and recoup from the Pinata massacre… Then went back and helped set up for the raffles and auction. Drank for a while, ate an AWESOME cheeseburger and drank some more. At some point, got tipsy enough to test out the bathroom. Mind you, Wet Willie’s is way out on the end of a pier. The floor in the bathroom is the pier’s boardwalk planks.. so as my drunk ass is attempting to sway and pee, I had the pleasure of watching the water thru the floor…and the water is really rough tonight. not the best mix for an inebriated person, but I made it out ok. Just a tad scary is all.
The walk back to CIL was fun… Shannon started walking with us, until we got to the cemetary… then her and Cindy took a spill into the water. Not a big deal – I don’t think either were injuried, just wasted. Stopped at the art show on the way back, and bought Jason a great painting. Fabulous story behind the painting, straight from the artist himself. Maybe one day I’ll share it with people, but for now I’ll keep it between me and Jason. Chatted with Kervin for a few, then headed back to CIL with Angie (btw… she is a Changes in Latitudes Repeat Offender like me… she was with the wedding party from Hell and is now looking for a condo on the island). Let’s see… what else… walked out on the Yacht Club pier to rouse Brady and/or Adam from their catamarans for some fun but it appeared everyone was in bed already so Angie and I decided to call it a nite. But here I am at the pool, getting my fill of technology. So I guess I didn’t actually call it a nite yet. Well that’s all for Day 3. Check back soon for pix and stuff.

Shannon fell off the sea wall and took Cindy with her… then used her as a crutch to get up. LMAO

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