Heading Home

Well I made it through my 1st of three flights home. I’m at the Belize International Airport waiting on my flight to Houston. It’s just after 10 here and I’ve already stopped in Jet’s Bar for a hotdog and a Belikin. Jet is super fun — we took a picture and he gave me a signed characature (sp??) of him. The man is FAMOUS. LOL Jet keeps coming over to me and putting his forehead against mine. He says we’re special because we both like hotdogs with ketchup only.

Now that I’m on my way, I’m ready to be home. I just want to hurry up and get there… so that I can hurry up and plan my next escape to San Pedro. I met and made lots of great friends on my short trip — really can’t wait to get back here and chill with them again. I had a great time chill-axin’ with Adam, the Taco’s, and German Walter in the courtyard my first nite… More great times just hanging out on Friday nite… Damn good time with C-n-R, Angie, and Shannon at Wet Willie’s on Saturday nite… which reminds me, I have some pix of a little trip Shannon and Cindy took on Saturday nite. LOL I can’t wait to get back so that I can go feed myself to the sharks with Eric again, and will hopefully get another chance to beat Paul & Paul at Wii Golf. And maybe next time I’ll get to wow Scottish JT with another crazy tattoo. I wonder if next time I’ll beat my current record of seeing Carol (Crazy Canuck’s) four times in a six days. Even better, I wonder what fun stories I’ll get to hear or create with Cindy and Renita. I’m sure there are lots of other people I met this week, and once I go back thru my pix I’ll remember all the fun times.

I hope our flight to Houston leaves early, otherwise I’ll miss my connecting flight to Indy. =( I only have a 1hr layover, and need to grab my luggage, race thru customs, and then get to my next gate. EEEKKK!!! STRESS.

I think I’m already losing my tan. I feel like a Hoosier, fo sho. However, in looking around… I think I’m darker than at least 50% of the travelers waiting here. Obviously the Belizeans are darker than me, so we’re not counting them.

Get excited, folks… I got 2 bottles of 1Barrel in my checked luggage — let’s pray it doesn’t break!

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