San Pedro, Day 5

So my last day in San Pedro… for this trip:

Today I overslept. I tried to get up between 7:30 and 8 everyday, but slept til 9:30 this morning. I laid out for a while, enjoying the blazing sun, then had a facial at Tropical Touch, went for a walk along the beach, and then had lunch at Monkey BItes where i ran into Carol for the 4th time this trip. I don’t remember what I did after that… but… went snorkeling with Eric out on the reef. FREAKIN’ SCARY. There was definitely a shark hangin out nearby and I about FREAKED THE F OUT. All I could think about was Amanda saying “Haven’t you watched Shark Week!?!?!” LOL So I high-tailed it back to the dingy and got Eric out of the water. He was disappointed. We’d only been out there maybe 20 min and he was fishin for some conk.

After that, I hung out at CIL and chatted with Angie, Cindy and Renita, and the Tacos. We were supposed to go into town to get my new tattoo at 5, but you can’t beat some good ol’ chattin’ with the friends that drop in, so it was about 630 before we left. Went to Artistic Skin Design, which is owned by the guy that owns the stores in Indy… chatted with him for a while about him moving down here… and got my new friend, Pedro!! That’s my Gecko. He lives on my left hip and is the color of the ocean.

So, after that tat… Cindy, Renita, and I went to Pedro’s PIzza since Pedro (owner, not my Gecko) is out of town for surgery. Cindy and Renita don’t get along with Pedro, and are black-listed from his bar, so normally they don’t get to go there. The pizza was GREAT, and he has decorated the place with Jager bottles — Jason, you’d appreciate that. He also had lots of flat screens and a Wii. I played Wii Golf with Paul and Paul… didn’t do tooooo bad for a girl. They beat me, but I was drinking, eating, AND socializing… so that counts for something. I met an ol’ guy from Scotland when I first got there… JT. When I showed him my new tat, his eyes fell out of his head and he asked if I had any on my tits to show. LMAO it was a riot.

So I’m super sad that it’s my last few hours on the island. I’m getting up at 7:00 to pack and check out. I think my flight to Belize City leaves around 9am. I’m laying outside right now, watching the stars. I’d never do this at home. I’m too paranoid about being outside alone at nite… I feel totally safe here, being out late when everyone else is asleep… just layin’ here lookin’ at the sky.

So I’m off to bed. See ya’ll tomorrow!!!

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