The Waiting Games

Today I realized that I’m the subject of what I’ll “affectionately” refer to as The Waiting Games. Nearly every person in my life, guys in particular, have me on some sort of wait. Here are some examples: Waiting for someone to move out of the picture… waiting on an exclusive relationship to develop… waiting on him to ask for my number (or get it from someone)… waiting on them to call me with a salary offer… waiting on Shawn to re-fi and agree to a final settlement… waiting for him to get back to dry land and email me… waiting for honesty… waiting for him to show a little interest in MY life…


Why am I at the mercy of all these other people?? Am I purposely allowing this to happen?? Why am I not in control? Why am I not the one making people wait for something? Is it because I’ve taken the back-seat to life lately, and just let things run their course? If I took more control, would I be the subject of less waiting games? Should I be more forward? Should I be less anxious about it, and just let it all play out? SERIOUSLY, shouldn’t I be the one stringing men along right now??

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