Feeling Emo

I’m tired of this roller-coaster called life. I would like, for once, for things to just go smoothly. I don’t want to keep working so hard to get nowhere. I’m running in place, and I’m just exhausted.

I’m gazing out at a beautiful day, listening to couples chat about their afternoon and evening plans, filling up on french baguettes, and I’m trying to figure out how the natural ebb and flow of life has to be so dang consuming.
Even the simple things are tiring. Eating a broccoli cheddar bread bowl had me worn down after 4 spoonfuls. Sitting here is tiring. Listening to everyone talk is tiring. Thinking about everything on my to-do list is tiring. Having people look at me with pity and concern is tiring. I came out to get away from my thoughts, not have my mood reflected back at me in strangers’ eyes.
I just want life to start moving forward at an even pace. I want all of my hard work and effort to be worth something. I want all the emotion I put into life to actually mean something. I’m willing to fight for the things I want in life, but I don’t think everything needs to be a struggle. It would just be nice if somethings would be easy for a change.
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