Actions Speak Louder Than Words… Proven True AGAIN

Love is not how you feel toward others, but how you behave toward others. When we chose to love, to extend ourselves for others, we are required to be patient, kind, humble, respectful, selfless, forgiving, honest, and committed. It isn’t easy, but do those words sound familiar? 1 Corinthians, chapter 13 is almost always read at weddings, but what is it really saying? It is just talking above love between a husband and wife? This verse is describing love, yet none of those words written are a feeling. They are all behaviors. We have a choice to make about whether or not we will choose to behave lovingly.

True committment is a vision about individual growth, with serious on-going improvement. These days, everyone wants to be involved, but no one wants to be committed. Everyone wants to give and receive love, share themselves in the most physcial meaning of the word, but then throw things out when it gets to be too much effort. Things get too serious, less exciting, life begins to change, and people get scared. Young couples get married because they are “in love”, but we all know feelings change — and can change hourly! What becomes of the relationship when being madly in love subsides? Feelings come and go, but it is committment that carries us through. It’s when the excitment and lust subsides, and you willingly choose to give love anyway that you know it’s forever.

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