Grab Hold

laughter and sunshine on a blanket in the grass
green from the spring rains, hearts racing around the track
stolen kisses between lovers, eyes so hungry to see
what dances through the heart but the voice never tells
music lost on our ears, unheard over our love
hundreds of bodies all around us but you’re the only one
unspoken words steal beats from the heart
with meaning so deep the world begins to tumble
locked onto you, no one else has ever existed
outsiders smile to see the two become one
shake their heads in humor at our dancing all around
scared of what is, what will be, what can be
treasure the moment, take slow cautious steps
our tumble goes faster and with it our breath
no longer strong enough to fight it, the pleasure explodes
sighs of love and endearment my head on your shoulder
deep in your pool of green, my heart descends
a free-falling tumble into perfection and you
who i once was lost forever yet finally coming home
together on a fast ride a long curving journey
every second of every day isn’t enough to fulfill
grasp hold of the love and throw caution to the wind
no will to admit the inevitable will come
wish desperately for pefection to outlast what
the darkness will test, press on to hold the light
maybe it is true what we have could be forever
but will we get through, our own minds try to protect
in case our hearts not survive, the ills of the world
eager to steal what is so dear
will we learn from the past and others before
that what we have is a gift so rare and so true
don’t fall for the traps that darkness will create
in the night you cannot see poison under the beauty
is for the devils own glee to take the best from you
let light and life lead us above this broken road
to find what we’re looking for is already there to have and to hold

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