I’m sorta bored.

I have some unpacking to do, books to read, friends to catch up with… but I’m still just sitting on the couch wasting time surfin’ the net.  I think I’ve gotten so used to always being “on the go” that I’ve forgotten what to do with myself when I’m just relaxing at home. How do I re-learn how to be lazy?? 😉  
I saw a yellow lab on the beach yesterday, and thought my heart was going to fall out of my chest. I miss Bailey so much… my world basically revolved around him for 5 years.  He was the one thing I could count on everyday.  I knew he’d be there waiting for me at the door, always happy to see me, and eager to give me a kiss. He never got mad at me, or gave me attitude. He loved to go on long walks with me and cuddle up with a good book.  I wish I hadn’t taken him for granted, and would have given him more of my attention. He was more than a good dog… he was my best friend.  I hope I get to have another just like him one day.
I love watching CSI-type shows. I used to really hate them, but then I realized that I feel really super smart when I figure out the crime before the first commercial break. Usually I don’t even watch the end of the show b/c I think I’ve got it all figured out. I don’t really even care if I’m wrong b/c they usually make the killer someone totally unrealistic anyways, so I just pretend that if it wasn’t TV it would have been whoever I said did it.
I’ve been looking through old photo albums and yearbooks. It’s amazing how much time has gone by, and how much people have changed… and at the same time, how little has changed. I saw some pictures from my 17th birthday and thought I looked pretty grown-up in the picture.  But then I realized that my baby brother turns 17 next month, and I realized just how young 17 is.  You think you have the world figured out, but you’re not even anywhere near the cusp of understanding.  Hell, I’m almost 25 and I’m nowhere close to figuring it all out.  What age do you think it all finally clicks?
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