“Yay!” for catching up with old friends, and finding out that things haven’t really changed all that much.  Even when it seems like life is completely upside-down from where it used to be, the people that matter most are still there, and still the same warm, loving, awesome people they’ve always been.

I worked at the State Fair tonight.  Yes, I said worked.  I sold lamb-kabobs with some friends for the Sheep Association, and had a great time doing it.  There’s nothing more fun than people watching at the State Fair (and commenting on all the fabulous overweight, underdressed people eating turkey legs).
My real job has been pretty fun lately… I’ve been working with eLearning vendors, building an Orientation program, and continuing with the learning needs analysis.  I’m hoping that I really kick a$$ over the next few weeks b/c my 90-day review is Sept 1… and I’d like to keep my job. 😉
In boy news…. well, there is no news.  It’s as low-key and laid-back as ever.  And I like it that way…  Most of the time.  I get insecure easily, and over-think things (according to my mom)… but I think I’ve learned to be patient with myself these past few months, and that makes it super~easy to control the neediness that sprouts up every once in awhile.  Overall, my Captain Awesome is just… well, AWESOME. =)
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