My Paradoxical Commandments

I will take every opportunity to better myself, even when the effort seems less than worth it.  

I will always seek the truth and stand tall to defend it, even when others stand in the way.

I will love all people (I just may not actually like them).

I will always do good, no matter what others assume my motives to be.

I will succeed.

I will do good, even if others pay no mind tomorrow.

I will be honest and frank, but not vulnerable.

I will dream big, with no fear of the smallest men and women with the smallest minds.

I will fight for the underdogs and root for the top dogs.

I will build for what I believe, even if there is a chance it will be torn down overnight.

I will help others, even if they aren’t ready to help themselves.

I will trust in the Lord, always.

I will give the world my best, even when it gives me the worst.

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