Lay It Out There

Why do we worry so much about hiding our feelings and filtering what we want to say?  The grand majority of American society is being generally dishonest, and I’m not sure why.  I get that it’s typically best to say things in the nicest way possible, and it’s not appropriate to embarrass others or make them lose face.  And I know that sometimes the fear of rejection will filter what you really want to say… but life is so short.

What if tomorrow never comes and you didn’t express your thoughts, feelings, and opinions?  Would the love of your life know how much you love them?  Would your friends know and respect your true opinions?  Would you be proud of your decisions?  …Or would you regret hiding your true self?  Would you be sorry that you wasted precious time and opportunities?

If you have an opinion, express it in a mature manner. If you have feelings for someone, share them. If you have particular values, live by them.  Let’s stop hiding who we are.  We need to live for today, in case tomorrow never comes.
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