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OK. So.

Classes have started, and look to be pretty tough.  I have some reading to do this weekend b/c I’m already behind in one class.  My 90-day review at work went pretty well, and I’ve certainly been uber-busy all week setting up a 10-Week Leadership Challenge and just generally kickin’ butt.  I lived through Labor Day Weekend with only minor injuries. 😉  Polka dancing at the Wine Garden left me a little sore for a few days, but it was so much fun. Katie’s bridal shower went very well,  and I had a wonderful dinner at Fujiyama’s with Jason’s family. We celebrated my birthday (early) with a pineapple birthday “cake” thing.  We had a late night on Sunday, which led into a rough Monday morning as we busted a$$ to get Jason’s house ready for a family cookout/birthday celebration (his mom & uncle).  Lots’a birthdays in September!
What’s up next? …Well… Katie’s wedding is a big event. And then there’s my birthday… but hopefully things can calm down a little bit so that I can stop to smell the roses.  I haven’t had much time for blogging and reflection lately, but I’ve definitely been a lot more open with my feelings.  I just don’t see the point in keeping things to myself.  I’m super ecstatic about my relationship with Jason, and I want the world to know.  I fall further in love with him every day.  I’m enjoying my job, school sucks, I’m super excited for Katie and Lou to get married, and I’m disturbed by some family drama.  Like always, I’ve got the full range of emotions covered:  excitement, love, sadness, frustration, fulfillment…
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