Wanted: Space, Fresh Air, a New Perspective

I hate it when people say “I need space.”  But I do.  I need some space.  I need some wide open fresh air, away from work and school… somewhere I can focus on being ME, loving my life, and appreciating all the great things life has to offer.  Somewhere I can practice patience and make time move slowly so that I can really enjoy the moment.  

I need space to gather understanding of everything going on around me.  To be honest, I don’t think that I’m looking at things from the wrong angle (I’m not saying I’m perfect…); I think that happenings and other people are really just off-kilter and I need someone to just fill me in on what’s going on.  I’m all down with clear, direct conversation. Letting it all out and living life openly is good therapy.  It’s good to just be.  And I need somewhere to just be.
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