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Black Friday

Dad came home from the hospital on Wednesday, and we had a nice Thanksgiving lunch with all us kids on Thursday. I went over to Jason’s family’s Thanksgiving dinner, too. I’m still stuffed. Way too much food.

Today I’m staying as far from Black Friday madness as I can, so I’m packing and trying to make sure I have all the loose ends tied up before I disappear for a while. 😉 CAN’T WAIT to just get away from all the stress and craziness that has become my daily life. I used to think my family was pretty boring and low-key… but ’tis not the case.

I’m going to read Twilight while on my trip, and maybe even study for finals. May or may not blog while I’m gone, so don’t get in a panic if you don’t hear from me for a few days.


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Dad Day 2

He’s alive and well, folks! Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers. He had a steady stream of people coming to visit today, and didn’t get to nap until about 6pm. Hopefully he’ll just rest the remainder of the night.

He should be coming home on Wednesday. He has to stay in for a couple of days since he did have a heart attack — if they had been able to put the stent in in time, he could have been in & out. Everyone is doing well and trying to stay busy… Looking forward to Thanksgiving.

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Your Prayers Needed!!!

My dad had a heart attack this afternoon, and luckily made it to the hospital before his heart stopped. All of us kids were @ the house to see all of my parents’ goodies from their trip to Arizona when dad started complaining about chest pain. He was having trouble breathing and wasn’t really making much sense. He didn’t want to call an ambulance, so mom drove him to Community South. Once he was in the ER his heart stopped and they used the paddles to revive him. He had a 99.999999% blockage in one artery and another is significantly narrowed. They’ve put a stint in the really bad one, and the other will have to be monitored by a heart specialist.

Dad’s conscious and alert, but tired and uncomfortable. He has to lie still while the cardiac cath is in his leg, and his BP is pretty high. They are waiting for it to go down before they can take the thing outta his leg.

He’ll have to make a lot of lifestyle changes — NO SMOKING, a better diet, exercise, and will probably be on Plavix and BP meds for a long, long time. But he’s alive, that’s the good news.

We have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. While he’s doing better, he’s still got a long way to go. Your prayers will be greatly appreciated!

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The Best Part of Life

Walking down the street and I don’t even know you
My heart is yours with nothing more than a glance
Goin’ out at night, making love on the dance floor
Holding hands with you, this is just the beginning
Isn’t the best part of life
Finding someone you can’t get enough of
Someone who wants to be with you, too
It’s an itch we’re gonna scratch
And it might take a while for this to hatch
But it will be beautiful
Everyday better than the last

Kristin Roberts

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I can’t wait!


My two favorite things, falling at the same time, and with my FAVORITE PERSON!


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Getting It All Done

If I can make it to Thanksgiving, I will survive. Until then, no promises. After T-giving, I get to leave town and return only for 1 final exam and 1 presentation. Then… freedom. No more classes, no more studying, no more group projects!!!!

I have a headache just thinking about all the things I need to get accomplished. No, really… an actual headache. This just might be my most challenging semester ever… mostly b/c of the amount of work to be done, but not because the content is challenging.


  • 1 group project paper
  • 1 group project presentation
  • 1 sorta-cumulative final exam

Strategic Analysis (Capstone):

  • 1 exam
  • 1 group project presentation
  • Peer Reviews
  • Benchmarking debrief homework assignment
  • Simulation Rounds 6-8

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I’m not feeling very joyful. Lots of stuff is upsetting me. I’m trying really hard not to feel sorry for myself or dwell on things I can’t control. 2 weeks left of class before vacation. Hope I can get things done for class so that I actually enjoy vacation …hope I enjoy vacation. I’ve never really had a getaway with a guy before… Well, there was one… but I must be a total bitch to spend time with b/c I spent it alone, or in a fight. Most of it alone. I guess I’m a loner, even though I absolutely hate being alone. I must just give off the “leave me alone” vibe or something without meaning to.

The walls of my apt complex are shaking. Maybe it will fall in around me. Are they forecasting tornadoes today? My eye doctor’s office sent me the wrong Rx contacts, so I can’t see out of my left eye. For as much as they charge, you’d think they’d have a collective brain. I must be losing weight again because my “skinny” jeans are falling off. So is my fabulous ring. I just don’t really care to fix food these days, and I’m on a strict budget… so looking at the past 2 weeks, I’d say I’ve eaten a total of 3 full meals.

I’ve seen Jason once this week. It sucks. I saw Mandi twice in 1-week’s time. That was cool. But I got a parking ticket afterwards and got electrocuted. I prolly should feel lucky to be alive. Kara got married yesterday. Apparently I’m a royal bitch for not being pleased about it. I have a lot to say about it. None of it is appropriate. Why are the walls shaking?

There is a fly trapped in my room. I don’t own a fly-swatter. The fly makes me feel like a crazy person.

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