The SLOW Journey to the Finish Line

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I last blogged. I had been doing it at least twice a week, but time seems to have gotten away from me. School is taking up a substantial amount of time these days, and looks to only get worse. I have 2 large projects to complete, a couple papers, and a couple more tests. It is quite overwhelming, but will be over soon… 12/8!

Work is really busy too… Figuring out budgets & plans for next year, still trying to demo LMS’, and trying to still get a handle on team & individual needs. I have some really great ideas for a webcast series starring Double-Take employees, but it’ll take me some significant time to plan and write a “pilot” episode. I want to get the plans underway this week so that maybe we could start filming in January. So many opportunities, and difficult to determine which will give the best bang for the buck.

Basically just overall overwhelmed these days. I have to take breaks often to keep my cool… and hopefully I don’t lose my mind in class tonight. I absolutely HATE my marketing class wiht a passion I’ve never had for a class before.

So now I’m off to suffer through Marketing. Wish me luck!

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