Your Prayers Needed!!!

My dad had a heart attack this afternoon, and luckily made it to the hospital before his heart stopped. All of us kids were @ the house to see all of my parents’ goodies from their trip to Arizona when dad started complaining about chest pain. He was having trouble breathing and wasn’t really making much sense. He didn’t want to call an ambulance, so mom drove him to Community South. Once he was in the ER his heart stopped and they used the paddles to revive him. He had a 99.999999% blockage in one artery and another is significantly narrowed. They’ve put a stint in the really bad one, and the other will have to be monitored by a heart specialist.

Dad’s conscious and alert, but tired and uncomfortable. He has to lie still while the cardiac cath is in his leg, and his BP is pretty high. They are waiting for it to go down before they can take the thing outta his leg.

He’ll have to make a lot of lifestyle changes — NO SMOKING, a better diet, exercise, and will probably be on Plavix and BP meds for a long, long time. But he’s alive, that’s the good news.

We have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. While he’s doing better, he’s still got a long way to go. Your prayers will be greatly appreciated!

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