My Love

I had such a wonderful Christmas, thanks in large part to my favorite person — Jason.  He’s the light of my life and most precious gift I could ever receive.

Thank you for being such a positive energy in my life, baby.  You’ve put a smile on my heart that will never fade, and brought peace,  contentment, hope and love to my cRaZy life. The world is chaos around me, and I survive because of you.  I’m shocked everyday that I found you… that I was lucky enough to find my perfect match… that I’m somehow a good enough person to deserve someone like you.  No matter what we’re doing or where life takes us, I will be happy, content, successful, safe and loved… because of you.  I’ll go anywhere, do anything, live anywhere… as long as it’s your hand I’m holding onto.  You’re my best friend, my love, my Captain Awesome,  my EVERYTHING, my forever.

You’re one in a million.  I’m the luckiest girl alive.

I love you.


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