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I wish I’d brought my camera with me when I packed up for an overnight adventure at Jason’s. I absolutely hate snow, but if it’s gonna do it, I’m glad it’s a lot. We’ve got about 12 inches right now, and it looks like it’s finally slowing down. I want to go out and play in it… and then I remember that it’s cold and wet. I don’t do cold or wet, so definitely no playing in the snow today.

Hope everyone is home safe!!!


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It’s the Small Things

“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.”
—Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890), artist

So true. This quote makes me think of Jayden. He accomplished a great feat without ever setting foot on our earth. He was just a small little miracle, loved by many and taken much too soon. But he changed the world as we knew it, and for that I will always be proud of him.

But it’s the small things in life that add up to the greatest of pleasures and happiness. It’s the small hand of a child reaching for yours, it’s the brush of a lover’s lips across your cheek, it’s the complete stranger holding the door for you, it’s the moment you look into his eyes and realize he holds your whole entire world in them.  It’s the small things, the simple things that give our lives meaning and purpose.

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I want a dog. I have a million reasons why I shouldn’t get one, and just as many reasons why I’m going to.  I miss having someone excited to see me when I walk in the door, and I miss having someone to spoon with at night. I want someone eager to take an evening stroll with me, and someone who wants to lounge in front of my TV.

Boy on the left, girl on the right.

Boy on the left, girl on the right.

Let me know what you think — Post YES or NO in the Comments of this post.

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Flirting, Annoying People, Looking Like the Bad Guy, and Getting Lost. All in One Day.

Hmmmm…. what should I bitch about today??

Grown men have no clue how to flirt. I think it’s probably because they are married and have no right to be flirting. I’ve noticed it’s a trend in the workplace. Guy thinks gal is interesting/hot/smart/successful/etc. Guy tries every possible topic to tease gal/be funny about. Gal is smart and socially skilled. Gal returns attempts at humor (aka flirting) with smart replies that makes guy look like a D-bag. Frustrating for gal, embarassing for guy, entertaining for those watching the exchange.

Sales people work off the same schedule. It’s all quiet on the vendor front  for a few weeks when suddenly, BAM! You’re hit with 5 calls, 3 voicemails, and 2 emails while you were out for a 30-minute lunch. “I know last time we talked you were waiting to get budget approval, so I was hoping we could touch base on what your plans are now.” Yes, Sales Guy, thanks. I also told you that I’D CONTACT YOU when the budget was released and IF I needed your services. Your phone call only reminds me that I’M STILL WAITING to find out what I’ll be doing this year. It’s annoying enough without your help. Thank you.

Have you ever been in a situation where someone else is in a bad mood, or doing something really annoying, or maybe hasn’t been around in a few months… and then they ask you why haven’t you been in touch/what’s buggin’ you/why you’re in a frisky mood?  They totally turn it around as if YOU’RE THE ONE that’s trouble. And when you come back with “Nuh uh you’re the one that’s ____” you just end up sounding childish. Danggit.

I created a game at work for a communications class I’m going to teach. It’s all about the barriers to communication (language, culture, (un)shared vision, etc…), and today, my game came to life. There was an employee visiting Paris, trying to find a restaurant. He called people back here at the Indy office to get directions. They’re on MapQuest trying to tell him where he should be going or what he should be seeing… and he’s looking at all these signs in French, telling them “That’s not what I’m seeing, guys!”  It took over 30 minutes and 4 people from the Indy Office to get him where he was going.  I don’t even want to calculate the cost of productivity loss. That’s the price of communication barriers for ya.

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Men Are Smarter Than Women

OK, don’t get all hateful about the title before you hear me out.

After much thought and consideration, I realized that men might be a smidgen smarter than women. This is because we’ve been at the whole guy/gal relationship thing for many centuries now, yet we haven’t trained/mutated/changed men into what we need them to be. I mean really, how many more generations will we let guys get away with being unhelpful around the house, unattentive, and mysteriously busy when it’s time to deal with the kids/dishes/dog/laundry/lawn/decorating?

I’d say men are smarter because they have the “dumb guy” act down to a science, and WE LET THEM.  I’m not just talking about our boyfriends, spouses, or sons. This even applies to the men we deal with at the office, the guy behind the counter at the license branch, or the dude that works retail simply to pick up hot chicks. I think we all know when they’re pulling the “dumb guy” card, right? So why haven’t we done anything about it???

Yes, they may not be genetically coded to be attentive, romantic, understanding, appreciative, or helpful… but who’s fault is that?? We can clone sheep and change sexes, but we can’t figure out how to mutate their genes to make them better to keep around?

Obviously there are more important, life saving things that we need scientists working on, but couldn’t we just get one small team of chicks dedicated to making all of our lives more enjoyable??

For those of you men who are actually interested in keeping your woman happy (ie: not nagging at you!!!!!!!), here’s some help:

How to Treat a Woman Wiki

How to Treat a Woman Test

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Left To My Own Devices

I need hobbies. When left to my own devices, I get in trouble. Not the “you-might-endanger-someone-else” kind of trouble, but thought-flow trouble. You may be surprised to know that I’m an over-analyzer. Yes, I know, it’s quite a shock. (Mom, stop laughing). I worry a lot. I think a lot about the people I care for, and try to figure out how I can make their lives better, easier, more fun, etc.  However, in doing this… things become a bigger deal than they really are.  Sometimes I think about the “what if” and even though it’s not reality, I somehow make it reality.  If I think that something could happen, suddenly it does. Self-fulfilling prophecy, I guess.

So, being home alone with limited activities isn’t healthy for me. BUT, neither is always being around people…. or one person in particular. Because that makes it even harder when he’s got other things to do. It’s hard to not become reliant upon the person who brings the biggest smile to your face.  I just know what I want and what I like, and why shouldn’t I always do what I want, right?? Ah well. Sometimes life isn’t about me.

Tonight, I watched Gilmore Girls, followed by My Wife and Kids. I played flute. I watched Two and a Half Men. I chatted online with an old friend, and I read blogs about losing loved ones and children.  In between I worried about the last thing I said to Jason. It was hateful. It was the old me, and not what he deserved to have coming at him first thing in the morning. It wasn’t even that deep… just not nice. That’s the 2nd time in the last 3 weeks that I’ve been the old Kristin. I don’t like her. No one else does either.  So now I’m scared about what will happen because I was feeling insecure, insignificant, and generally sorry for myself. So for the 2nd night in a row, I’m home by myself, and I feel like I’m missing my better half.


My Life is Pretty Fun

I just spent the last 20 or so minutes watching my slide show on the “See Me” page. I must say, even with the sad recent events, my life is still pretty fun. I get to enjoy all kinds of time with my honey, go to sporting events, concerts, group outings, laugh with my family, and travel.

All in all, it’s good… and it’s only going to get better!!

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