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I’m Like a Crazy Train

I’m in a bit of a blog slump. I’m not really sure what to write about! My head feels windy… like everything is flying around in there @ 100mph!

I guess I could just tell you about my week, starting with yesterday:

Thursday: I stayed home from work b/c my stomach was not calm enough to allow for long drives or being too far from the restroom. Those whose cubes are around me, You’re Welcome. I spent much of the day laying around and attempting to convince Charlie that a) I’m not a chew toy; and b) he should really poop & potty AT THE SAME TIME so that we don’t make 50 trips outside everyday. Since he doesn’t even know his name yet, I didn’t really get very far with that. I was probably in bed by 9:30, only because The Office was a re-run. Since it was early to bed, guess what!  Early to rise!!

Friday: Charlie and I were up bright & early at 6am for breakfast. By 7, still no poop. I don’t understand how this guy’s bowels know my schedule. If I’m not watching and don’t have anywhere to be, he’ll drop a deuce right away. If I have somewhere I need to be, by all means… take 3 hours. By the time I had to leave for work this morning, he still hadn’t #2’d so I just left him.

Good news: I was at work by 8:30! I win! So I get to work and start playing with the camcorder to figure out how to move the video I took this week onto my computer for editing. Ah, need a special cable. Cable in bag? No. David had the cable. At home. No editing today! Gotta wait til he brings me the cable next week. SO.. that means, nothing pressing to work on, so I have my choice of projects.  My first choice was diving deeper into Photoshop to figure some stuff out for my eLearning GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces). Did that… moved onto wedding planning (ONLY because I got an email that sparked an idea I needed to chase down). Now, I could totally go take a lunch, but I’d rather just leave a little early… sooo I’m going to write up one of my Leadership classes and then peel outta here around 3:00/3:30. Oh, and if I have time, I might blog on the DT Spoon.

Saturday: (this is future reporting) In the morning I’m going to The Creek (church) with my mom, Kara, and Kayla for a seminar on surviving the tough times. Afterwards, it’s lunch with My Girls @ Amanda’s.  (Girls = Amanda, Mandi, and Helen). THEN, I’ll probably chill with Charlie & Jason for a couple hours, until it’s time for GIRLZ NITE @ Kara’s with Heather & Kara (and I’m guessing Elyse??!?). I’ve got a bunch of things for them to look at, and I can’t wait!!!

Back to the present. My brain is a little frazzled. I think I’m hopped up on Mountain Dew and Oreos (my substitution for lunch).  Guess I’d better get to work, so that I can get home to JASON!


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Because of Jason

For a long time, marriage just didn’t seem all that important to me. I’ve always loved the idea of marriage and thought that sharing that bond with someone is truly amazing. I just didn’t think I’d get to feel that amazing connection with someone… until I fell head over heels for Jason!!

I love how comfortable I am with him. I love the simplicity of our time together. I love cooking dinner for him. I love cuddling on the couch while he watches basketball. I love our chats about work and the people we work with. I love Love LOVE looking into his eyes and knowing that I’m his forever.

Because of Jason… FOREVER isn’t scary. The impossible is totally possible. The dream is now reality. And I’m blissfully happy.


Purpose, Direction… Faith, Love.

“I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving… we must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it… but we must sail and not drift nor lie at anchor.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

Life sure is moving in a different direction these days, and I am so happy with how things are going. Two years ago I would never have thought I’d be HAPPY, let alone engaged to the greatest guy on the planet and looking forward to a truly spectacular life. It’s taken a lot of hard work… a lot of tears… a lot of laughter. But most of all, a lot of faith.

My friends tell me they are surprised by how quickly I’ve changed my life, and how much I’ve changed it for the better. They look to me as a role model for finding happiness, or getting back on track. This boggles me. It humbles me. But most of all, it scares me. It’s been a very hard road. Yes, it’s been short and probably looks easy from the outside… But I just want to somehow make them understand, I would not have wished my struggles upon my worst enemy.  Yes, it was the best decision for ME, but it certainly wasn’t easy.

My best friend Katie calls me a Type A.  I’m so crazy detail-oriented and on top of things. I certainly wouldn’t have survived the past couple of years if I hadn’t had a very clear, well-defined end goal in mind. I wouldn’t have been able to get through much of the unfortunate things my family has faced this past year if I had not been focused.

But most of all, I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am today if I didn’t have my Captain Awesome to calm and center me. To give me purpose and direction, faith and love. He’s my everything, and I’m so proud and humbled to be asked to stand by his side for the rest of our lives.

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Lookin’ Up

Well my day got a whole lot better yesterday. After work Charlie and I visited Nana, Mom, Julie and Kara (and her evil puppy), and then I met Mandi at Red Lobster for dinner. I love love LOVE Red Lobster. It was so dang good. While there, I also ran into my friend Ashley, who I’m always saying “we need to hang out!!” After dinner we headed to Krazy Street for a few drinks and some loud music. And some pictures. 🙂

Kristin & Mandi at Krazy St.

Kristin & Mandi at Krazy St.

Jason stayed over last night… until Charlie frustrated him @ 6am and he decided to go home to sleep. As soon as Jason left, Charlie passed out and didn’t wake up until I took him outside at 11am. He did some business in the grass right away, and I was so proud of him.  For a hot minute. Once we came back inside and had breakfast, he promptly laid a deuce on my carpet. WTF?! I don’t think he had even finished chewing his last bite yet.

Well today is Valentine’s Day! YAY!! I don’t know where Jason is taking me to dinner, but I’m super excited!!! I can’t wait to start getting ready!!!

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F*#@ It

We all have those days that you knows going to be rough as soon as you open your eyes. Well I’ve been having one of those days for the past 8 days straight. Mainly because I never really get to go to sleep. I’m perpetually awake and living one really long day. This morning’s routine took 4 hours… Cute little Charlie ate his breakfast bright and early, and then decided NOT to go #1 or #2 for FOUR F*(&!@$ HOURS.

Today, I just wanted to burn everything around me, and stand in the middle of it to watch. I wanted to to race around i-465 at 90 miles/hr and was praying for a ticket. I ready to just put Charlie outside and leave him, I really was. I ended up leaving, so I’m sure he’s made a complete disaster out of his crate. When I get home to the mess, I might just set the poo on fire and throw it off my balcony.

It seems like everything goes well for about 2.5 weeks, and then everything just goes to shit for a while. No pun intended. That’s the rhythm of my life, and I”m just SICK of it. But what can I do to change it??? I’ve made major life changes TRYING to make things better. I have a pretty positive outlook on life 24/7. I have lots of friends, and enjoy my job. I love my Captain Awesome.


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New Insight from Kristin

It’s been a little while since I’ve spent time blogging about deep and meaningful topics. And I’m trying really hard to write something witty and philosophic.

But I got nothin’. :/

Things have gone well this week with my classes. I’m teaching my last one of this week today. No plans for the evening, but I’m certainly looking forward to Valentine’s Day with The Love of My Life!!  My gifts for him are SUPER COOL, but I still struggle with finding things that really say/show how I feel about him. It’s just so heavenly, it’s hard to find words that can even describe it.

Charlie is keepin’ me on my toes. He’s getting used to sleeping in his crate, but still wakes me up every few hours. Usually he wants to play… but by 5 or 6am he has business to take care of. Our morning routine went smoothly today, and I’m looking forward to an evening free from treating spots on my carpet!! =) Hopefully it’s nice out so we can take a walk.

Here are a couple of random things I’ve learned this week:

  • Blistex is my best friend.
  • Adults love playtime — my classes make me feel like a Kindergarten teacher.
  • People enjoy blog-stalking me as much as I love blog-stalking them.
  • I need to find a new favorite Mexican restaurant.
  • I should probably spend a little more time reaching out to family and friends. They enjoy a pick-me-up every now and then.
  • Puppy breath makes me gag.
  • Sleep is quite important to your appearance. Get some.



Yay! So I finally got some sleep last night because my wonderful Jason took care of the pup, and we’ve had a pretty good morning. Charlie made a boo-boo in his kennel while I was showering, but I probably would too if I was scared and could hear water running. 🙂

I went to lunch with Brandy and Lori (yay!!), and then ran some errands. When I got home, there was NO crying and NO mess in Charlie’s crate. HOORAY!! PROGRESS!!!

I got him out and we went outside to play, but he’s such a baby.. he’s totally scared of being on the grass. He cried the whole dang time and wouldn’t walk away from the building. I think he’s partially scared of his leash and collar.

Unfortunately, Charlie must be stressed out b/c his tummy is bothering him now. He’s pretty uncomfortable… and smelly!!  But, at least he’s using the potty pad!!!