F*#@ It

We all have those days that you knows going to be rough as soon as you open your eyes. Well I’ve been having one of those days for the past 8 days straight. Mainly because I never really get to go to sleep. I’m perpetually awake and living one really long day. This morning’s routine took 4 hours… Cute little Charlie ate his breakfast bright and early, and then decided NOT to go #1 or #2 for FOUR F*(&!@$ HOURS.

Today, I just wanted to burn everything around me, and stand in the middle of it to watch. I wanted to to race around i-465 at 90 miles/hr and was praying for a ticket. I ready to just put Charlie outside and leave him, I really was. I ended up leaving, so I’m sure he’s made a complete disaster out of his crate. When I get home to the mess, I might just set the poo on fire and throw it off my balcony.

It seems like everything goes well for about 2.5 weeks, and then everything just goes to shit for a while. No pun intended. That’s the rhythm of my life, and I”m just SICK of it. But what can I do to change it??? I’ve made major life changes TRYING to make things better. I have a pretty positive outlook on life 24/7. I have lots of friends, and enjoy my job. I love my Captain Awesome.


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