I’m Like a Crazy Train

I’m in a bit of a blog slump. I’m not really sure what to write about! My head feels windy… like everything is flying around in there @ 100mph!

I guess I could just tell you about my week, starting with yesterday:

Thursday: I stayed home from work b/c my stomach was not calm enough to allow for long drives or being too far from the restroom. Those whose cubes are around me, You’re Welcome. I spent much of the day laying around and attempting to convince Charlie that a) I’m not a chew toy; and b) he should really poop & potty AT THE SAME TIME so that we don’t make 50 trips outside everyday. Since he doesn’t even know his name yet, I didn’t really get very far with that. I was probably in bed by 9:30, only because The Office was a re-run. Since it was early to bed, guess what!  Early to rise!!

Friday: Charlie and I were up bright & early at 6am for breakfast. By 7, still no poop. I don’t understand how this guy’s bowels know my schedule. If I’m not watching and don’t have anywhere to be, he’ll drop a deuce right away. If I have somewhere I need to be, by all means… take 3 hours. By the time I had to leave for work this morning, he still hadn’t #2’d so I just left him.

Good news: I was at work by 8:30! I win! So I get to work and start playing with the camcorder to figure out how to move the video I took this week onto my computer for editing. Ah, need a special cable. Cable in bag? No. David had the cable. At home. No editing today! Gotta wait til he brings me the cable next week. SO.. that means, nothing pressing to work on, so I have my choice of projects.  My first choice was diving deeper into Photoshop to figure some stuff out for my eLearning GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces). Did that… moved onto wedding planning (ONLY because I got an email that sparked an idea I needed to chase down). Now, I could totally go take a lunch, but I’d rather just leave a little early… sooo I’m going to write up one of my Leadership classes and then peel outta here around 3:00/3:30. Oh, and if I have time, I might blog on the DT Spoon.

Saturday: (this is future reporting) In the morning I’m going to The Creek (church) with my mom, Kara, and Kayla for a seminar on surviving the tough times. Afterwards, it’s lunch with My Girls @ Amanda’s.  (Girls = Amanda, Mandi, and Helen). THEN, I’ll probably chill with Charlie & Jason for a couple hours, until it’s time for GIRLZ NITE @ Kara’s with Heather & Kara (and I’m guessing Elyse??!?). I’ve got a bunch of things for them to look at, and I can’t wait!!!

Back to the present. My brain is a little frazzled. I think I’m hopped up on Mountain Dew and Oreos (my substitution for lunch).  Guess I’d better get to work, so that I can get home to JASON!

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