I’m Like a River

Whenever I’m asked to describe myself, I often say “I’m pretty go-with-the-flow”. I use this to mean I don’t get hung up on things beyond my control and I tend to take each of life’s turns as a new trip to go on.

Sometimes people interpret “go-with-the-flow” as lazy or unmotivated to make change and take a stand against things that are important to your values. That is completely not the case.

So I’m changing my tune to say “I’m like a river”.

Rivers have a destination — most of the time they flow to the sea. As they run by their obstacles, they wear away a bit of the resistance. Over time, they erode the things that get in their way — sometimes they just wait until they have the power & resources to wash over them, sometimes they just knock ’em down altogether. Usually, they just patiently wait until their time has come.

Instead of head-on confrontation, rivers are good at easing by the obstacles in life, gently smoothing away the edges of resistance with reason and compassion. All the while trusting that loved ones will exert sufficient influence to keep me under control.

I’m like a river.

  1. #1 by Janet Roberts on March 31, 2009 - 6:29 pm

    Wow….good description, I love my little wandering river!!

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