To-Do List Eaten By Housepet; Owner Relieved

I always survive life much less damaged when I have a To-Do List. Lately it’s been like being in a hurricane, probably because I didn’t have a written-in-stone To-Do list to work from.  But I feel like the winds are going to calm down soon.  As soon as I chisel that To-Do list.

We made a big change to the wedding this past weekend. After working really hard to find the $$ to pull the thing off, I found out that I’d be losing a pretty good chunk of my salary due to cuts.  That basically eliminated all possible funding I’d have for a big local wedding, and it was actually a big relief to not have the money to do it. The wedding was turning into quite the big affair, and honestly … I just want to be with Jason. I don’t care to have a big show with tons of people. From the beginning we said we wanted something small & intimate. Something that shows off our personalities. We’re not show-stopping, flashy people… so how are we going to get married, you ask?  LOL  In Flashy, Fabulous Las Vegas!

We’d thought about Vegas a couple different times since getting engaged (and before that, too) and it just makes sense. We don’t want to spend a bunch of money. We don’t want to have something huge. We just want our most important family & friends there with us. And our trip to Vegas was already planned and paid for. It was just a matter of tackin’ on a quick wedding! =)

So back to the To-Do List. I have a lot @ work that needs to get checked off. Tomorrow I’m going to wrap up the design phase of at least 2 eCourses I’m working on. This weeks is very busy with various meetings and appointments. Hopefully next week I’ll have plenty of time to dedicate to my To-Do List.

In the meantime… I’ll attack the list whenever I have a few minutes free. So, back to work for me!!

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