Charlie, get outta the closet!

I’m trying to do a better job of keeping up with my blog, so here’s the latest on my activities and interests:

Mondays I go to Indian Creek Christian Church in Franklin Township for a Beth Moore bible study on the book of Daniel.  I absolutely love it. It’s the first bible study I’ve ever done, and I’ve learned so much!!  This one lasts for 12 weeks, and we’re about 1/2 way done.  I want to do another one whenever they do another.  I also work from home on Mondays, so for a while I was doing Pilates with my mom, but it got too expensive for me…

Recently I’ve been working out at the office after work Tuesday thru Friday.  I shouldn’t say “recently” as if it’s a habit.  It’s not.  It happened for the first time last week, and so it’s a very new “activity”.  I am looking for gym memberships so that I can workout AND take classes, and not pay out the wah-zoo. If you have recommendations in the Franklin Township/Southport area, please advise.

So that’s about it.  Jason and I spend much of our time on the couch, watching all the crap we’ve DVR’d.  I watch Girlmore Girls on ABC Family every single day.  I mean it. Every day.  I go nuts without my daily serving of Gilmore Girls.

Charlie is a nutcase, but cute as can be.  No matter what he does, you still think he’s adorable and talk babytalk to him.  For example, today I was trying something new with him and he made a mess on the carpet. He knew he’d done a bad thing, and he cried REAL tears while he was doing it, but couldn’t stop! It was so cute! When he was done, he put himself in timeout in his kennel.  How can you be mad at him?!?  I can’t.  So, he’s rotten and gets his way all the time.  Right now, we’re teaching him “highfive” and we’re going to teach him how to “shake”.  But not your typical “shake’, this is going to be way cooler. Just you wait!

I just had to shoo Charlie outta the closet. He likes to play in small spaces.
OK< I’m going to cuddle with Captain Awesome.  Look for more updates, more often!

  1. #1 by Stephanie on June 3, 2009 - 8:07 pm

    Gilmore Girls is on the Soap Network on the weekends too 🙂 I love their relationship. It is so cute.

    Let me know if you find a cheapo workout place. I would like to workout for cheap too…but I don’t ever feel motivated.

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