Lost. Thanks, Al Kohol.

Alcohol has always been something I hold a small bit of fear towards. All my life, the loss caused by alcohol has been abundant. If you’ve ever had a drink…. or seven, you know about the loss of memory. People lose their keys… their temper… the contents their stomachs… sense of volume… the filter between their brain and lips… thier children, friends or other loved ones… their patience… their car… that shiny veneer of a new relationship as he takes a swing in your direction… their morals…. their virginity… and sometimes, their integrity.
So while the rest of you look back on last night with the slightest sense of enjoyment amongst all the drama, and wonder if your image is intact… I ask that you think about things from my perspective. I wasn’t even there, yet suffered a huge loss. I lost a long-time friend. I lost the years he and I have spent joking around, teasing each other, and being there for each other when things are at their suckiest. I lost any opportunity for raising children together, vacationing together, times of fun together, random dinners at Cheeseburger and bad karaoke. And on top of all that, I’m afraid I’ve lost my very best friend, his wife. It will be close to impossible to spend any time with her, knowing the huge canyon that now separates me and him.

So, just add one more item to the list of things lost because of alcohol.

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