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It doesn’t always come easy

I totally have writers block.  I feel like I need to write, but have no idea what to say.

I guess I’ll just treat this like a “Dear Diary” journal. Today is a beautiful day. It’s very warm for March, and the sun is peaking through the clouds. Charlie and I took a walk at lunchtime, and I’m thinking about getting him out for another one. I plan on attending a fitness class at LA Fitness tonight. Jason and I joined the club 1 month ago. I can’t say that I’ve been going regularly, but I have been going. I need to go more. My goal is to go 4x/week. I started off very strong, but then felt sick and skipped a week. 

I’ve started a spiritual journal. Again, I know I should write something, but have no idea what to say. I think that I’m a stronger writer in the mornings, however lack the discipline to get up early and hammer out profound thoughts. I would love to get in the habit of getting up early to do my Bible Study homework and journal. Maybe tomorrow will be the first day I accomplish that.

I have a handful of really great friends that I love dearly. I wish I spent more time with them. That will be one of my priorities this year — spending quality time with dear friends. I’ve already stopped playing Cafe World, and next on the list is Farmville. I also plan on limiting TV and Internet usage in the evenings. I want to have plenty of time to spend building relationships.

Jason is always at the top of my priority list in life…. however I just relaized that maybe I’m not honoring that priority like I should, since he asked me to tend to his laundry today and I just noticed the dryer has been off for over an hour. *Oops*


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I’m back! …and other important things.

I decided to start blogging about my life again. I’m not sure what the topics will be, but I miss writing…

In other news… I ran into a dilemma today.

I just took Charlie on a walk around the neighborhood and found a crowbar. Are we living in the ghetto? Should we move? Is the crowbar an invitation for hooligans to vandalize our properties? Is it my ethical responsibility as a pseudo-homeowner to go pick it up and give it to the cop, whose house it’s laying in front of? Since I strongly distrust cops, should I leave it and hope that some hooligan vandalizes his cop car? Will I go to hell for thinking that? Was it even a crowbar? How well do I know my tools?

Those are the important things that I’ve been thinking of today.

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