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It doesn’t always come easy

I totally have writers block.  I feel like I need to write, but have no idea what to say.

I guess I’ll just treat this like a “Dear Diary” journal. Today is a beautiful day. It’s very warm for March, and the sun is peaking through the clouds. Charlie and I took a walk at lunchtime, and I’m thinking about getting him out for another one. I plan on attending a fitness class at LA Fitness tonight. Jason and I joined the club 1 month ago. I can’t say that I’ve been going regularly, but I have been going. I need to go more. My goal is to go 4x/week. I started off very strong, but then felt sick and skipped a week. 

I’ve started a spiritual journal. Again, I know I should write something, but have no idea what to say. I think that I’m a stronger writer in the mornings, however lack the discipline to get up early and hammer out profound thoughts. I would love to get in the habit of getting up early to do my Bible Study homework and journal. Maybe tomorrow will be the first day I accomplish that.

I have a handful of really great friends that I love dearly. I wish I spent more time with them. That will be one of my priorities this year — spending quality time with dear friends. I’ve already stopped playing Cafe World, and next on the list is Farmville. I also plan on limiting TV and Internet usage in the evenings. I want to have plenty of time to spend building relationships.

Jason is always at the top of my priority list in life…. however I just relaized that maybe I’m not honoring that priority like I should, since he asked me to tend to his laundry today and I just noticed the dryer has been off for over an hour. *Oops*


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Happy Birthday, Little Sister!

The wedding is getting closer, and I’m getting so excited!!!  And a bit nervous. Jason and I are like two peas in a pod, and we know basically everything about each other, but we still have a lot to learn. A lot of my baggage is coming out bit by bit… I’m not sure if it’s suprising to him or not.  Or upseting, alarming, or just “nice to know”.  But I’m glad we’re getting down into the nitty gritty of our lives and figuring each other’s kinks out before the big day.

I found a bunch of super cute “vegas” dresses at H&M Castleton yesterday for only $10 and $15 each.  I just modeled them for Jason and he said it looks like that style of dress was made for my body (tight stretchy bottom that is snug on the thighs, loose around the waist).  I can’t wait to weart all my cute outfits! The only things I really need are some short spanx-type shorts to wear under these dresses (I’m not trying to pull a LiLo with the Picachu), a pair of jean shorts, sexy black heels, and a cute small purse.  And maybe some hair extensions, depending on how much mine grows out.  I’ve been taking Biotin to make my hair and nails grow, and it works famously as long as I take it every day.  I can definitely tell/see/feel a difference on the days I forget.

In other news… this weekend is the Fish Fry at the Southport Masonic Lodge. Kara, Jason and I are heading over there soon to hang out with my dad. Dad’s been doing this Freemason thing for I dunno how long… almost 10 years maybe?  And somehow I’ve never gotten roped into working the fish fry, but mom, Nana and Kraig always do. I think Kara has done it some in the past, but now that we’re both “grown up” we totally get out of it.  It’s always yummy, so if you like fish, head over to the fry @ 31/Epler today!

After the fry, Kara and some fam/friends are coming over to our neighborhood pool to celebrate her 22nd bday, which is today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, little sister!!!

Can’t believe how old we are all getting!  I hardly believe I’m older than 22, let alone to think my baby sister is now 22! Yikes!! Kraig will be 18 in September, and that just totally blows my mind. He can’t possibly be an adult yet, can he?!  I have a lot of work to do before I’m ready to let him out into the real world.

I’m planning on Kraig’s senior year being a “Taste of the Real World”.  My goal is to take him to various cities and college campuses to teach him how to:

  1. keep a checkbook and budget
  2. plan an itinerary on a budget
  3. book a hotel room
  4. hail a cab/pay a cabie
  5. buy train tix/take a train/know where to get off the train
  6. drive around a city
  7. find cheap public parking
  8. walk around a city
  10. find restaurants/edible food
  11. etc

Sounds like quite a lot of fun!  I’m thinking that I’ll pick a weekend this fall for Kraig & I to go up to Chicago, and I’ll make him take care of the whole trip (except $$, kid doesn’t have a job!) in terms of planning and getting us around, seeing all the museums/ect, and going home with money in our pockets.  If anyone reading this from Chicago would like to give us a free place to sleep AND would like to pretend to be a real hotel so Kraig can practice booking a room, please let me know!

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A Beautiful Saturday

Today is Melanie’s wedding. It’s been a hott minute since I’ve seen her or any of the Fab 5, so I am super pumped to see everyone today!! =)  I’m excited for Melanie. I think we’ve both found really awesome guys that make OUR and THEIR lives better… instead of guys who need us to make themselves “better”.

I’m coloring my hair right now. I think the color is called Toasted Caramel? Toasted Almond?  I dunno… Close to my natural color but with blonde highlights.

The weather is so beautiful, I can hardly stand being inside. The only reason I’m inside right now is to do my hair before the wedding. Charlie and I laid out for about an hour this morning. It was so so so nice. He was super cute, too. He’d play with his bone for a little bit, and then flop down next to me and lay in the sun with me until he got too hot.

Time to go rinse. I’ll have a full report & pix from the wedding tomorrow. Also, tomorrow is the Walk!  Love you, Baby Jayden!! I’ll have the latest news and pix from the walk, too!!


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Purpose, Direction… Faith, Love.

“I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving… we must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it… but we must sail and not drift nor lie at anchor.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

Life sure is moving in a different direction these days, and I am so happy with how things are going. Two years ago I would never have thought I’d be HAPPY, let alone engaged to the greatest guy on the planet and looking forward to a truly spectacular life. It’s taken a lot of hard work… a lot of tears… a lot of laughter. But most of all, a lot of faith.

My friends tell me they are surprised by how quickly I’ve changed my life, and how much I’ve changed it for the better. They look to me as a role model for finding happiness, or getting back on track. This boggles me. It humbles me. But most of all, it scares me. It’s been a very hard road. Yes, it’s been short and probably looks easy from the outside… But I just want to somehow make them understand, I would not have wished my struggles upon my worst enemy.  Yes, it was the best decision for ME, but it certainly wasn’t easy.

My best friend Katie calls me a Type A.  I’m so crazy detail-oriented and on top of things. I certainly wouldn’t have survived the past couple of years if I hadn’t had a very clear, well-defined end goal in mind. I wouldn’t have been able to get through much of the unfortunate things my family has faced this past year if I had not been focused.

But most of all, I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am today if I didn’t have my Captain Awesome to calm and center me. To give me purpose and direction, faith and love. He’s my everything, and I’m so proud and humbled to be asked to stand by his side for the rest of our lives.

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My Life is Pretty Fun

I just spent the last 20 or so minutes watching my slide show on the “See Me” page. I must say, even with the sad recent events, my life is still pretty fun. I get to enjoy all kinds of time with my honey, go to sporting events, concerts, group outings, laugh with my family, and travel.

All in all, it’s good… and it’s only going to get better!!

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The Future Life of Kristin Joy

A conversation with my ol’ friend Dan sparked this post…

I’ve worked really hard to get where I’m at today professionally.  I like what I do, I like the opportunities to enrich other people’s lives and make it easier for them.  But it’s such a struggle to go to work everyday and feel motivated to get things done. I didn’t used to have this problem, but then I had a team of people working hard beside me.

It’s never been an option for me to be a housewife or stay-at-home mommy… but now I’m kinda wondering… No, no! Don’t go assuming that I’m going to tie some poor chap down and breed like crazy!!  I’m just sayin’ maybe the high-stress career woman thing doesn’t fit so well with me.  I wouldn’t mind teaching (at the collegiate level) to have summers off, or even consulting and only working part-time.  But these are long-term dreams… right now things are good and I shouldn’t be complaining…

I’m just saying I don’t wanna work forever.  30 would be a good age for a career change or maybe retirement… or temporary retirement to have kids…

😉  Yes, mom.. I just acknowledged that I might one day have offspring…. if some delicious catch would be so willing.

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The Edge of Despair

I made a promise to myself a few weeks ago that 2009 would be a good year.  It seems like that has been ripped out from underneath me.  Not only am I reeling from loss of my sister’s baby, but money’s non-existent, work is getting more demanding, and the worst of winter is yet to come.  I guess I thought I’d seen a light at the end of the tunnel.  Maybe it was a mirage.  I seem to have forgotten how to enjoy the good things in life…

I spent last night in a total funk. I got home from family dinner and couldn’t fall asleep. I finally took an Ambien, but then didn’t wake up for work this morning. I barely woke up in time for my 10am meeting, which I had to call in for.  Then I start going thru all the bills that have been piling up, and see that my student loans from Butler are no longer in deferment and I have to make a payment — ASAP.  I had thought those would be in deferment until my grad loans came due in June, but apparently not. So I wasn’t at all prepared for that… still have to pay off my attorney… still have outrageous credit card debt… still paying pennies on stupid medical bills… still have the frickin’ Comcast bill (which I’m purposely behind on b/c they won’t cancel my account until I make a special trip to their office with my cable box)…

Rent was due today. I guess I need to start liquidating assets… whenever I can pull my head out of the clouds enough to actually: a) do it; and b) get the most out of my jewelry box as I can.

I’ve lived thru this all-consuming despair and helplessness before.  I think I may have actually triumphed over it.  But I’m feeling it creep back in, and it terrifies me.  I know I need to create positivity in my life, so that I can get thru the hard times.. easier said than done.

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