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It doesn’t always come easy

I totally have writers block.  I feel like I need to write, but have no idea what to say.

I guess I’ll just treat this like a “Dear Diary” journal. Today is a beautiful day. It’s very warm for March, and the sun is peaking through the clouds. Charlie and I took a walk at lunchtime, and I’m thinking about getting him out for another one. I plan on attending a fitness class at LA Fitness tonight. Jason and I joined the club 1 month ago. I can’t say that I’ve been going regularly, but I have been going. I need to go more. My goal is to go 4x/week. I started off very strong, but then felt sick and skipped a week. 

I’ve started a spiritual journal. Again, I know I should write something, but have no idea what to say. I think that I’m a stronger writer in the mornings, however lack the discipline to get up early and hammer out profound thoughts. I would love to get in the habit of getting up early to do my Bible Study homework and journal. Maybe tomorrow will be the first day I accomplish that.

I have a handful of really great friends that I love dearly. I wish I spent more time with them. That will be one of my priorities this year — spending quality time with dear friends. I’ve already stopped playing Cafe World, and next on the list is Farmville. I also plan on limiting TV and Internet usage in the evenings. I want to have plenty of time to spend building relationships.

Jason is always at the top of my priority list in life…. however I just relaized that maybe I’m not honoring that priority like I should, since he asked me to tend to his laundry today and I just noticed the dryer has been off for over an hour. *Oops*


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Lost. Thanks, Al Kohol.

Alcohol has always been something I hold a small bit of fear towards. All my life, the loss caused by alcohol has been abundant. If you’ve ever had a drink…. or seven, you know about the loss of memory. People lose their keys… their temper… the contents their stomachs… sense of volume… the filter between their brain and lips… thier children, friends or other loved ones… their patience… their car… that shiny veneer of a new relationship as he takes a swing in your direction… their morals…. their virginity… and sometimes, their integrity.
So while the rest of you look back on last night with the slightest sense of enjoyment amongst all the drama, and wonder if your image is intact… I ask that you think about things from my perspective. I wasn’t even there, yet suffered a huge loss. I lost a long-time friend. I lost the years he and I have spent joking around, teasing each other, and being there for each other when things are at their suckiest. I lost any opportunity for raising children together, vacationing together, times of fun together, random dinners at Cheeseburger and bad karaoke. And on top of all that, I’m afraid I’ve lost my very best friend, his wife. It will be close to impossible to spend any time with her, knowing the huge canyon that now separates me and him.

So, just add one more item to the list of things lost because of alcohol.

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A Beautiful Saturday

Today is Melanie’s wedding. It’s been a hott minute since I’ve seen her or any of the Fab 5, so I am super pumped to see everyone today!! =)  I’m excited for Melanie. I think we’ve both found really awesome guys that make OUR and THEIR lives better… instead of guys who need us to make themselves “better”.

I’m coloring my hair right now. I think the color is called Toasted Caramel? Toasted Almond?  I dunno… Close to my natural color but with blonde highlights.

The weather is so beautiful, I can hardly stand being inside. The only reason I’m inside right now is to do my hair before the wedding. Charlie and I laid out for about an hour this morning. It was so so so nice. He was super cute, too. He’d play with his bone for a little bit, and then flop down next to me and lay in the sun with me until he got too hot.

Time to go rinse. I’ll have a full report & pix from the wedding tomorrow. Also, tomorrow is the Walk!  Love you, Baby Jayden!! I’ll have the latest news and pix from the walk, too!!


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OH Boy

First off: Happy birthday, Big Lou!!!  Glad I could share in the celebration with you.

On to other news:  There isn’t any.

Oh wait, yes there is. Nothing major…. just been moving into Jason’s house — going well. I have my room picked up and chores done, so does that mean I get my allowance??? Me think, YES! 😉  Also… started a class on the Book of Daniel at The Creek on Monday nights. I’m super pumped about it. I’m eager to LEARN STUFF, imagine that.

Everyday is an adventure with Sir Charles (aka Charlie the Pup). Charlie had his rabies vaccination on Monday afternoon, and it damn near killed him. I’m not exaggerating. I know, I tend to over exaggerate things, but this is for real. He was NOT moving, hardly breathing, couldn’t even get up to pee. It was sad. Took about 24 hours and he snapped out of it. Now he’s back to crazy and annoying us constantly. Thankfully, he’s perfectly content to wrassle with his toys for hours on end. Today he decided it would be super fun to run away, with me trailing behind yelling “Charlie STOP” all around the neighborhood. The kids out front thought it was hilarious. I,however, did not. I’m pretty sure Charlie was laughing, too, once I caught him. He’s such a jerk.

Newsflash: Jason is in the living room watching basketball……………………. ……      ………………….

…………… …………….                   ………………………..

and I’m all by my lonesome in the office twittering, playing Sorority Life (sick, horrible, sad addiction — please don’t laugh) and trying to get Boom Boom Pow out of my head. Earlier I had Right Around stuck in my head, and I guess I traded it in for some Black Eyed Peas.

I haven’t been blogging much lately. I’m not certain why…. I guess I haven’t had much to say. I certainly have had enough time on my hands to do it. A lot of times, I’ll blog when I’m upset about something. I’ve been really super relaxed and mellow lately.  No stress.  =)

Good times.

Sunday is the March for Babies (March of Dimes). We’re super pumped. Our original goal was to raise $300 as a team….. $1,000+ later, we’re kickin seriously BOOOTAAYYYYY.  Rock on Team Jayden!!!! =*  Our sponsors are my heros! Love you!!!!

G’night blogger world. This little girl is off to bed.

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Lookin’ Up

Well my day got a whole lot better yesterday. After work Charlie and I visited Nana, Mom, Julie and Kara (and her evil puppy), and then I met Mandi at Red Lobster for dinner. I love love LOVE Red Lobster. It was so dang good. While there, I also ran into my friend Ashley, who I’m always saying “we need to hang out!!” After dinner we headed to Krazy Street for a few drinks and some loud music. And some pictures. 🙂

Kristin & Mandi at Krazy St.

Kristin & Mandi at Krazy St.

Jason stayed over last night… until Charlie frustrated him @ 6am and he decided to go home to sleep. As soon as Jason left, Charlie passed out and didn’t wake up until I took him outside at 11am. He did some business in the grass right away, and I was so proud of him.  For a hot minute. Once we came back inside and had breakfast, he promptly laid a deuce on my carpet. WTF?! I don’t think he had even finished chewing his last bite yet.

Well today is Valentine’s Day! YAY!! I don’t know where Jason is taking me to dinner, but I’m super excited!!! I can’t wait to start getting ready!!!

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I’ve been smiling since yesterday.  A real, genuine, happy smile.  Like this: =D  

Went with a friend to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall — probably one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a while… right up there with Superbad and Knocked Up.  I think I smiled through the whole movie.  If I wasn’t laughing hysterically, or staring at the screen in shock before erupting into giggles, I was definitely smiling at all other times.  So the movie was good.  Pleasurable.  But the company was definitely good, too.  Overall, entire package — movie+dinner+friendship=genuine pleasure. =D *Smile*
I’m also finding the more I take pleasure in the simple things in life, the closer I feel to peace and balance. I don’t go to church often enough, but feel like I’m finding that relationship again. He’s holding his hand out, I just need to take hold.  And I’m not scared of it.  Just like with my other relationships, its time to just follow my heart and let whatever happens, happen.

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Friendship Is…

I crave meaningful relationships.  I love sharing my life with others, and being a part of others’ lives.  I like asking questions and knowing about the test my friend has coming up, his up-coming birthday, or the hott date she went on last Friday.

No matter what Joe* says, inquiring about someone’s life is an important part of being a friend.  A good friend wants to know what you are up to, and cares about the things you have to say.  A good friend wants to share their latest news with you, just as much as they want to know your latest.  It’s not an interrogation; it’s this great thing called friendship.
Some people will expect your friendship, but give you nothing in return.  Some people will ask for your friendship, but not really want the love & concern that goes along with it.  Well, if you are one of those people, I don’t want you in my life.  If you are are just going to take, take, take — get the hell out.  If you are going to ask me to be your friend, but then not actually allow me to give you friendship — get the hell out.  You don’t deserve my friendship.  And the best thing is, you know you don’t deserve it, and it just totally gets your goat.
*Name changed to keep me from getting bitched at.

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