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It doesn’t always come easy

I totally have writers block.  I feel like I need to write, but have no idea what to say.

I guess I’ll just treat this like a “Dear Diary” journal. Today is a beautiful day. It’s very warm for March, and the sun is peaking through the clouds. Charlie and I took a walk at lunchtime, and I’m thinking about getting him out for another one. I plan on attending a fitness class at LA Fitness tonight. Jason and I joined the club 1 month ago. I can’t say that I’ve been going regularly, but I have been going. I need to go more. My goal is to go 4x/week. I started off very strong, but then felt sick and skipped a week. 

I’ve started a spiritual journal. Again, I know I should write something, but have no idea what to say. I think that I’m a stronger writer in the mornings, however lack the discipline to get up early and hammer out profound thoughts. I would love to get in the habit of getting up early to do my Bible Study homework and journal. Maybe tomorrow will be the first day I accomplish that.

I have a handful of really great friends that I love dearly. I wish I spent more time with them. That will be one of my priorities this year — spending quality time with dear friends. I’ve already stopped playing Cafe World, and next on the list is Farmville. I also plan on limiting TV and Internet usage in the evenings. I want to have plenty of time to spend building relationships.

Jason is always at the top of my priority list in life…. however I just relaized that maybe I’m not honoring that priority like I should, since he asked me to tend to his laundry today and I just noticed the dryer has been off for over an hour. *Oops*


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I Hate the Skin

Today I had a Mountain Dew for the first time in over 3 weeks. At first, it was like liquid gold on my tongue; but now, 3 sips later, I’m feeling really disappointed, bloated, and disgusting.  Jason and I have been “dieting” (ie: eating smaller, smarter meals) for the past 3 weeks. He’s done a great job of sticking to the diet (except for weekends…), while I’ve made my own diet up as I go.  I’ve essentially cut out all pop (until today), have been eating low cal – low sugar cereal in the AM, only eat 1/2 chicken breast for dinner, I chow down on lots of veggies, and occasionally throw in a salad with 2 Tbsp of vinagrette dressing.   Snacking is my biggest problem, but I’ve been opting for low-fat/low-cal/low-sugar snacks, and feel pretty good afterwards.  Over all, it’s been really easy.  I simply take smaller portions that I had been previously… and eat anything that’s green except mold and apples.  I hate the skin.

Speaking of skin, since starting the diet I have noticed my skin is “smoother”, although I haven’t lost more than a couple pounds. A big part of my problem is lack of exercise. In addition to apple skins, I also loathe sweat. Especially my own. This makes for a difficult chore of getting rid of excess fat.  I keep exercise clothes and tennis shoes in my desk drawer, in hopes that maybe I’ll make a habit of using our office fitness room.  One week I was really into it and went 3 times that week.  That was 3 weeks ago and since then I’ve only got my heart rate up when mowing, vacuuming, and having sex. 🙂  Guess which chore is my favorite.

So anyway, we are 46 days away from the wedding and I’m about 10 pounds away from my Vegas bikini.  I really dread putting on a small 2 peice in front of all kinds of gorgeous women in sexy suits (HEATHER!).  My office job hasn’t been kind on my second ass, so I’m a little sensitive about showing that area to anyone.  I’m also worried that my wedding dress measurments may be a little off since ordering it 4 months ago. Look out Crash Diet, Kristin’s comin’ thru!

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OH Boy

First off: Happy birthday, Big Lou!!!  Glad I could share in the celebration with you.

On to other news:  There isn’t any.

Oh wait, yes there is. Nothing major…. just been moving into Jason’s house — going well. I have my room picked up and chores done, so does that mean I get my allowance??? Me think, YES! 😉  Also… started a class on the Book of Daniel at The Creek on Monday nights. I’m super pumped about it. I’m eager to LEARN STUFF, imagine that.

Everyday is an adventure with Sir Charles (aka Charlie the Pup). Charlie had his rabies vaccination on Monday afternoon, and it damn near killed him. I’m not exaggerating. I know, I tend to over exaggerate things, but this is for real. He was NOT moving, hardly breathing, couldn’t even get up to pee. It was sad. Took about 24 hours and he snapped out of it. Now he’s back to crazy and annoying us constantly. Thankfully, he’s perfectly content to wrassle with his toys for hours on end. Today he decided it would be super fun to run away, with me trailing behind yelling “Charlie STOP” all around the neighborhood. The kids out front thought it was hilarious. I,however, did not. I’m pretty sure Charlie was laughing, too, once I caught him. He’s such a jerk.

Newsflash: Jason is in the living room watching basketball……………………. ……      ………………….

…………… …………….                   ………………………..

and I’m all by my lonesome in the office twittering, playing Sorority Life (sick, horrible, sad addiction — please don’t laugh) and trying to get Boom Boom Pow out of my head. Earlier I had Right Around stuck in my head, and I guess I traded it in for some Black Eyed Peas.

I haven’t been blogging much lately. I’m not certain why…. I guess I haven’t had much to say. I certainly have had enough time on my hands to do it. A lot of times, I’ll blog when I’m upset about something. I’ve been really super relaxed and mellow lately.  No stress.  =)

Good times.

Sunday is the March for Babies (March of Dimes). We’re super pumped. Our original goal was to raise $300 as a team….. $1,000+ later, we’re kickin seriously BOOOTAAYYYYY.  Rock on Team Jayden!!!! =*  Our sponsors are my heros! Love you!!!!

G’night blogger world. This little girl is off to bed.

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I’m Like a River

Whenever I’m asked to describe myself, I often say “I’m pretty go-with-the-flow”. I use this to mean I don’t get hung up on things beyond my control and I tend to take each of life’s turns as a new trip to go on.

Sometimes people interpret “go-with-the-flow” as lazy or unmotivated to make change and take a stand against things that are important to your values. That is completely not the case.

So I’m changing my tune to say “I’m like a river”.

Rivers have a destination — most of the time they flow to the sea. As they run by their obstacles, they wear away a bit of the resistance. Over time, they erode the things that get in their way — sometimes they just wait until they have the power & resources to wash over them, sometimes they just knock ’em down altogether. Usually, they just patiently wait until their time has come.

Instead of head-on confrontation, rivers are good at easing by the obstacles in life, gently smoothing away the edges of resistance with reason and compassion. All the while trusting that loved ones will exert sufficient influence to keep me under control.

I’m like a river.

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I’m not feeling very joyful. Lots of stuff is upsetting me. I’m trying really hard not to feel sorry for myself or dwell on things I can’t control. 2 weeks left of class before vacation. Hope I can get things done for class so that I actually enjoy vacation …hope I enjoy vacation. I’ve never really had a getaway with a guy before… Well, there was one… but I must be a total bitch to spend time with b/c I spent it alone, or in a fight. Most of it alone. I guess I’m a loner, even though I absolutely hate being alone. I must just give off the “leave me alone” vibe or something without meaning to.

The walls of my apt complex are shaking. Maybe it will fall in around me. Are they forecasting tornadoes today? My eye doctor’s office sent me the wrong Rx contacts, so I can’t see out of my left eye. For as much as they charge, you’d think they’d have a collective brain. I must be losing weight again because my “skinny” jeans are falling off. So is my fabulous ring. I just don’t really care to fix food these days, and I’m on a strict budget… so looking at the past 2 weeks, I’d say I’ve eaten a total of 3 full meals.

I’ve seen Jason once this week. It sucks. I saw Mandi twice in 1-week’s time. That was cool. But I got a parking ticket afterwards and got electrocuted. I prolly should feel lucky to be alive. Kara got married yesterday. Apparently I’m a royal bitch for not being pleased about it. I have a lot to say about it. None of it is appropriate. Why are the walls shaking?

There is a fly trapped in my room. I don’t own a fly-swatter. The fly makes me feel like a crazy person.

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Challenges and Rewards

I’ve been challenged in many ways lately, but today I realized that the rewards are well-worth the struggles. The challenges I face seem to dissipate sooner when I exercise class and grace when facing my battles. 

This week we started the 10-week leadership challenge at work.  Everyone is reading Leading from the Front, a book written by 2 Marine Corps captains about 10 basic leadership principles.  I think people were pretty leery about it at first because the book is written for women, but the stories shared and overall message easily applies to both men & women in the corporate world.  Everyone seems to be pleasantly surprised by the book, and I got great feedback on it today.
There’s a lot I need to get done this week for school (and work) but I’ve been battling a migraine for the past two days.  It really slows down my productivity and frustrates me… there’s not much I can do to work through it.  Just have to wait for it to pass.  This weekend is full of wedding activities and I’ll probably have to dedicate a couple hours to schoolwork on Sunday.  But, the light is bright at the end of the tunnel.  Just a few more weeks (10) to go.

I have a trip out to Southborough, Mass next week to facilitate a day-long team development session and everything seems to be (finally!) coming together for that.  I’ve also got another project that I’m rolling out while I’m there and a number of other projects for school due next week. :/
After next week… I need to write the business case for the LMS, keep up with the Challenge, figure out how to best utilize “Web 2.0”, and make a game-plan for 2009.
On the man front — there’s nothing challenging to complain about.  I love discovering what it means to be IN LOVE, and not just because it’s fun & exciting… but because the person I love is simply amazing and more than I could ever ask for.  Everyday together is a true gift.

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Happy Birthday to ME!

I turned the BIG 2-5 today! It was the first time I’ve ever woken up on my birthday and truly felt older. I feel like I’m “finally” a grown-up. That’s not to say that I’m going to start acting like one — we’re not looking for miracles here!

Thank you to everyone who has given me a birthday wish! It’s been a great day so far! My coworkers took me to Famous Jack’s (Cheeseburgers), and it was DELICIOUS! Look out Steak n Shake! You’ve been beat!! I also have a Surprise Birthday Dinner tonight with Captain Awesome, which I’m SUPER excited about. After that, drinks with the whole fam-damily and awesome friends at BW3’s.

So celebrating my birthday means that Fall is right around the corner.  Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the cooler weather, clear azure skies and crispness of fall mornings.  Back to school time has always been a favorite of mine.  I’m a big dork when it come to freshly sharpened pencils and new backpacks.  I’m not looking forward to the inevitable cold winter, but I start looking forward to NEXT Thanksgiving within hours of finishing this year’s Thanksgiving meal.  It’s my favorite holiday and favorite time of year.  Nothing beats good food, quality family time, and home videos of the G8 playing pranks on the 4K.  (It’s a family thing… G8 = the 8 grandbabies and 4 = Nana’s 4 kids).  This Thanksgiving will be especially special, since I’ll probably be spending some of it with Jason, and then we leave for vacation that weekend.  It’ll be such a nice get-a-way!
Well, I better start getting ready for my birthday dinner.  What to wear?!?

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