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Getting It All Done

If I can make it to Thanksgiving, I will survive. Until then, no promises. After T-giving, I get to leave town and return only for 1 final exam and 1 presentation. Then… freedom. No more classes, no more studying, no more group projects!!!!

I have a headache just thinking about all the things I need to get accomplished. No, really… an actual headache. This just might be my most challenging semester ever… mostly b/c of the amount of work to be done, but not because the content is challenging.


  • 1 group project paper
  • 1 group project presentation
  • 1 sorta-cumulative final exam

Strategic Analysis (Capstone):

  • 1 exam
  • 1 group project presentation
  • Peer Reviews
  • Benchmarking debrief homework assignment
  • Simulation Rounds 6-8

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