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Vegas, Take 3!

Got away for another blissful week in the blazing hot desert with Jason. We didn’t do/see near as much as we did during our trip to Vegas in January, but spent nearly all of the week by the pool relaxing…

We were pretty bored with the TI pool so we went to the Hard Rock Skybar pool on Friday to find some action… But didn’t find much. What we did find was an amazing, relaxing desert oasis that we will certainly return to. Decided to spend Sat at the TI pool to “relax” on our last day… Having no idea that weekends at TI are NUTZ! The pool has been hoppin’ since before 10am. From our 31st Floor room it looked like 500 people were in a giant hot tub. Came down and found the place rockin! Took some cool vids and pix so we’ll post those later.

More catching up to be done soon. 🙂


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The Anderson-Benson Wedding

Congrats Kara & Rodney!

From what I can remember, we had a wonderful time at the wedding!  It was the perfect setting and put together with tons of character and charm.  Maybe Jason & I should have hired Kara’s mom to coordinate our wedding!

The Just Married Car

The Just Married Car

Mr. and Mrs.

Mr. and Mrs.

After the Ceremony

After the Ceremony

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Happy Birthday, Little Sister!

The wedding is getting closer, and I’m getting so excited!!!  And a bit nervous. Jason and I are like two peas in a pod, and we know basically everything about each other, but we still have a lot to learn. A lot of my baggage is coming out bit by bit… I’m not sure if it’s suprising to him or not.  Or upseting, alarming, or just “nice to know”.  But I’m glad we’re getting down into the nitty gritty of our lives and figuring each other’s kinks out before the big day.

I found a bunch of super cute “vegas” dresses at H&M Castleton yesterday for only $10 and $15 each.  I just modeled them for Jason and he said it looks like that style of dress was made for my body (tight stretchy bottom that is snug on the thighs, loose around the waist).  I can’t wait to weart all my cute outfits! The only things I really need are some short spanx-type shorts to wear under these dresses (I’m not trying to pull a LiLo with the Picachu), a pair of jean shorts, sexy black heels, and a cute small purse.  And maybe some hair extensions, depending on how much mine grows out.  I’ve been taking Biotin to make my hair and nails grow, and it works famously as long as I take it every day.  I can definitely tell/see/feel a difference on the days I forget.

In other news… this weekend is the Fish Fry at the Southport Masonic Lodge. Kara, Jason and I are heading over there soon to hang out with my dad. Dad’s been doing this Freemason thing for I dunno how long… almost 10 years maybe?  And somehow I’ve never gotten roped into working the fish fry, but mom, Nana and Kraig always do. I think Kara has done it some in the past, but now that we’re both “grown up” we totally get out of it.  It’s always yummy, so if you like fish, head over to the fry @ 31/Epler today!

After the fry, Kara and some fam/friends are coming over to our neighborhood pool to celebrate her 22nd bday, which is today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, little sister!!!

Can’t believe how old we are all getting!  I hardly believe I’m older than 22, let alone to think my baby sister is now 22! Yikes!! Kraig will be 18 in September, and that just totally blows my mind. He can’t possibly be an adult yet, can he?!  I have a lot of work to do before I’m ready to let him out into the real world.

I’m planning on Kraig’s senior year being a “Taste of the Real World”.  My goal is to take him to various cities and college campuses to teach him how to:

  1. keep a checkbook and budget
  2. plan an itinerary on a budget
  3. book a hotel room
  4. hail a cab/pay a cabie
  5. buy train tix/take a train/know where to get off the train
  6. drive around a city
  7. find cheap public parking
  8. walk around a city
  10. find restaurants/edible food
  11. etc

Sounds like quite a lot of fun!  I’m thinking that I’ll pick a weekend this fall for Kraig & I to go up to Chicago, and I’ll make him take care of the whole trip (except $$, kid doesn’t have a job!) in terms of planning and getting us around, seeing all the museums/ect, and going home with money in our pockets.  If anyone reading this from Chicago would like to give us a free place to sleep AND would like to pretend to be a real hotel so Kraig can practice booking a room, please let me know!

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To-Do List Eaten By Housepet; Owner Relieved

I always survive life much less damaged when I have a To-Do List. Lately it’s been like being in a hurricane, probably because I didn’t have a written-in-stone To-Do list to work from.  But I feel like the winds are going to calm down soon.  As soon as I chisel that To-Do list.

We made a big change to the wedding this past weekend. After working really hard to find the $$ to pull the thing off, I found out that I’d be losing a pretty good chunk of my salary due to cuts.  That basically eliminated all possible funding I’d have for a big local wedding, and it was actually a big relief to not have the money to do it. The wedding was turning into quite the big affair, and honestly … I just want to be with Jason. I don’t care to have a big show with tons of people. From the beginning we said we wanted something small & intimate. Something that shows off our personalities. We’re not show-stopping, flashy people… so how are we going to get married, you ask?  LOL  In Flashy, Fabulous Las Vegas!

We’d thought about Vegas a couple different times since getting engaged (and before that, too) and it just makes sense. We don’t want to spend a bunch of money. We don’t want to have something huge. We just want our most important family & friends there with us. And our trip to Vegas was already planned and paid for. It was just a matter of tackin’ on a quick wedding! =)

So back to the To-Do List. I have a lot @ work that needs to get checked off. Tomorrow I’m going to wrap up the design phase of at least 2 eCourses I’m working on. This weeks is very busy with various meetings and appointments. Hopefully next week I’ll have plenty of time to dedicate to my To-Do List.

In the meantime… I’ll attack the list whenever I have a few minutes free. So, back to work for me!!

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Playing Catch-Up

So I’ve been totally slacking on the blog lately. It kinda seems like if I’m in a good mood and things are going well, I have nothing to say. Apparently I blog when I have things to complain about.

The only things going on in life right now is wedding planning, work, and keeping up with Charlie. I spend the grand majority of my time with Jason, of course. We’re going to start working on organizing and painting his house so that I can start moving stuff in.

Last weekend we visited Jason’s cousin Jordan in Cinci, and stayed at her boyfriend’s house. We went to Funny Bone Comedy Club in Newport Harbor to see comedian Jeff Dye. He was hilarious, and I got a picture taken with him after the show.

Kristin & Jeff Dye

Kristin & Jeff Dye

In medical news… I had a upper endoscopy done last Friday to see what’s going on in my tummy. Nothing major to report. There’s the possibility of ulcers, but nothing really obvious showed up.

Things have been amazing with my Captain Awesome. We always have so much fun together, whether we’re just hanging out at home, out shopping, or out on the town. I smile constantly because of him. He’s my everything.

Kristin & Jason in Cincinnati

Kristin & Jason in Cincinnati

Well today I laughed pretty hard and I must share it with you. If you haven’t yet seen these videos, you are certainly missing out.


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Island Life

Today we snorkeled with Alfonse on the reef and held sharks and sting rays at shark ray alley. Afterwards, we tiredly returned to our room to shower and get ready for the evening. We were both craving pizza.

Didn’t take long and we were off to find delicious pizza at Pedro’s. After we scarffed down an entire 14″ meat lovers (minus the ham) between the two of us, we (meaning Jason) took part in the traditional jager fest that is Pedro’s. A couple hours, a game of pool, and many shots of Jager later, we headed home to chill @ CIL. After about an hour of goofing around, we made our way to bed.

It’s only 10:07pm. Gotta love Island Life.

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Black Friday

Dad came home from the hospital on Wednesday, and we had a nice Thanksgiving lunch with all us kids on Thursday. I went over to Jason’s family’s Thanksgiving dinner, too. I’m still stuffed. Way too much food.

Today I’m staying as far from Black Friday madness as I can, so I’m packing and trying to make sure I have all the loose ends tied up before I disappear for a while. 😉 CAN’T WAIT to just get away from all the stress and craziness that has become my daily life. I used to think my family was pretty boring and low-key… but ’tis not the case.

I’m going to read Twilight while on my trip, and maybe even study for finals. May or may not blog while I’m gone, so don’t get in a panic if you don’t hear from me for a few days.

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